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About FOREX-SK, s.r.o.

FOREX-SK, s.r.o. - we have been here for you since 1994

We are a purely Slovak company based in Lučenec. We are one of the main manufacturers of industrial washers in Central Europe. The very latest technology, where drying takes place without steam. Our washing lines efficiently, at low operating costs and reliably help our customers to deliver their products clean. We can supply you with cleaning chemicals, high pressure cleaners, floor machines, but we are also Panasonic's partner for air conditioning and heating.

FOREX-SK, s.r.o.

We are the European leader in the manufacture of cabin and tunnel industrial washers for KLT, boxes and parts

Industrial washers for KLTs, boxes and parts FORCHEM

The box washer is designed to clean dirty boxes used in butcher, dairy, food and the other factories. In the FOREX offer you can also find the special washers in which are washed the engineering parts from the smallest sizes to the huge ones. Today are they assembled in hundreds of companies in Slovakia. View of our satisfied customers starts with the small factories and ends with the leading companies in the market. Our primary aim by developing these equipments is to earn the trust of our customer and offer him the most correct solution.

The quarantee of the box washer quality are its first class components - high - tech hydraulic pumps connected to accurate pressure washer nozzles which are situated in the cleaning tunnel. The whole box washer is made from stainless steel. The number of zones, wattage of the washer and the measuremets of the cleaning tunnel can be adaptted according to the actual needs of the customer. Easy service, not difficult maintenance and the long durability of our equipments are for us the important point of the customer satisfaction.

areas of application

Wherever there are industrial crates, tools, parts, FORCHEM appears, whether in the food or engineering industry.

mäso výroba
meat industry
výroba dielov
production of parts
auto dielne
repair workshops


Everything is a bit cleaner with FORCHEM

It not only cleans, rinses and also dries

After using Forchem's industrial washing equipment, our partners feel that all tools, crates, boxes, parts are a little cleaner than after previous washings. In addition, FORCHEM equipment achieves perfect cleanliness with record speed and Swiss clock accuracy.

Not just clean, but also fast and accurate

orchem's industrial washing equipment does not allow corrosion of metal parts and tools, as rinsing, washing and, if necessary, drying are also carried out. Your tools and components will thus not only be perfectly clean, but also 100% dry. This eliminates the need for personnel to wipe down various crates, compartments, tools.

Handling is almost as easy as switching on the washing machine at home

None of the FORCHEM industrial washers require qualifications, lengthy training or language training. Its operation can be mastered in 1 hour and in the event of incorrect programming it will not harm the personnel using the machine or the tools, crates and compartments being washed. The touch screen interface also helps staff to use it in English.

This is a high pressure machine that won't even scratch your tools or items being washed

Everyone wants an industrial washer that will remove dirt that has been trapped on tools, crates for years, but won't damage the paint finish. FOREX partners use just such an industrial washer. Many times they are even surprised that it gets rid of "millennial" dirt without even half a millimeter of paint from the surface of the washed object.

Cleaning equipment that can be expanded

Many canneries, meat and dairy companies and bakeries complain that their existing cleaning facilities cannot be expanded. However, FÖRCHEM industrial washers can be safely expanded in functionality (pre-rinse, cleaning, clean water rinse, drying) and performance without the need to replace the equipment.

You not only get a machine, but also an excellent team

FOREX partners recruit not only equipment, but also a support team of experts. Whether you ask us about features, enhancements or professional tips, you can be sure you will receive a professional and understandable answer, whether by phone, in person or email. Our average response time via email is also fast.

advantages of the washers

8 advantages in which FORCHEM industrial washers offer the best

Protecting the environment

All industrial washers with the Forchem logo comply with the requirements of the European VOC directives and applicable national legislation.


We adapt FORCHEM washers to the needs of our partners so that each one is as safe as possible during use. For example, an electronic sensor stops washing when the door is open during operation.


"I felt like I wasn't looking into a clothing store, I was looking into a tailor shop." This is what one of our partners said about us. It's no coincidence that we serve the needs of each of our clients with unique solutions.


Our partners don't actually buy a machine, but various cleaning modules that can be expanded and changed as needed. This way, no one has to buy an expensive machine that only uses 60% of its functions. So you are paying for exactly the cleaning equipment your company needs.


All FORCHEM machines are not only composed of the highest quality parts, but also of those that can be replaced in the event of a failure. In the last 10 years, the longest downtime due to parts replacement was only 27 hours.

Easy to maintain

Easy maintenance also means faster and cheaper service. All FORCHEM industrial washers have multiple mounting holes so technicians can easily repair malfunctions without special disassembly.

Easy to handle

All FORCHEM workflows can be controlled from a single touch screen interface. Of course, your staff will also be able to find Slovak among several optional languages. In addition, the intelligent control concept guides your colleagues through the program quickly and eliminates errors.

many sizes

We have also paid attention to individual needs in the production of the cleaning modules. Different technological options and additional tools make it possible to rotate, tilt at any angle, move forward and backward vertically or horizontally and rinse.

Cool the production area and heat the water at the same time? No problem with our solutions.

Panasonic heat pumps and air conditioners

Panasonic - the leader in heating and cooling

With over 30 years of experience and sales in more than 120 countries, Panasonic is clearly one of the leading manufacturers in the heating and cooling industry. With a diverse manufacturing network and R&D facilities, Panasonic is able to deliver innovative products incorporating the latest technologies that set the standard for air conditioning equipment worldwide. With a global footprint, Panasonic provides cutting-edge products that transcend borders.

100% Panasonic: we control the entire production process


The company is also a world leader in innovation, having filed more than 91539 patent applications to improve the lives of its customers. In addition, Panasonic is committed to staying at the top of its market. In total, the company has produced more than 200 million compressors and its products are manufactured in 294 plants worldwide. You can be assured of the unusually high quality of Panasonic heat pumps. With a desire to be better than the rest, Panasonic has become a global leader in turnkey heating and air conditioning solutions for homes, mid-size buildings such as offices, restaurants and large-scale buildings.

These solutions offer maximum efficiency, meet the most stringent environmental standards and meet the requirements of even the most exciting buildings of our time. At our company, we know what a big responsibility it is to install a heating and cooling system. That's why we offer you the best heating and cooling solutions from Panasonic.


Panasonic Aquarea DHW

  1. Air duct - cold air
  2. Digital controller
  3. Electric heater
  4. Protective magnesium anode
  5. Air duct - warm air
  6. Heat pump unit with rotary compressor
  7. Polyurethane insulation (CFC-free)
  8. Heat exchangers
  9. Enamelled tank
  10. Temperature sensor protection tube
  11. Condenser
  12. Cold water inlet

Tank with built-in heat pump PAW-DHW Panasonic Aquarea

Up to 75% energy savings

Cutting-edge rotary compressor technology ensures higher energy efficiency and a higher power factor, which means big energy savings - up to 75 percent.

Outdoor heat exchanger

Wrapped around the inside of the outer tank cover, it prevents scale build-up, prolongs the life of the equipment and increases safety.

Intelligent solution

The size and medium volume heating capability of the Aquarea hot water cylinder can easily replace an existing electric water heater. Its small size allows it to be installed in areas where a conventional electric water heater would previously have been installed.

Double protection against corrosion

Impressive tank protection is ensured by the use of excellent superpure enamel and a large magnesium element. They ensure durability even under the harshest operating conditions without harmful additives in the water.

Electronic controller with LCD touch screen

User-friendly electronic controller with LCD touch screen:

  • Temperature setting and display
  • Time and day settings and display
  • Display of available hot water
  • Time and day programming
  • "TURBO" rapid heating mode
  • Heating to a higher temperature. (75° C)
  • Setting of several days absence
  • Independent ventilation function
  • Fault diagnostics

Air ducts

Modern buildings are characterised by tightly sealed windows and doors and effective wall insulation. Aquarea DHW allows ventilation while using the exhausted hot air to heat the domestic water. Cool air can be exhausted out of the building or to any part that requires cooling. The design of the DHW Aquarea further serves to maintain the functionality of the room in which it is installed.

Aquarea + photovoltaic panels

Aquarea + fotovoltaické články
forchem + panasonic

Manufacture of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals for the automotive, engineering and food industries

FORCHEM cleaning and disinfecting chemicals

Today, in the era of quick solutions, the requirements for professional quality cleaning and disinfection products are becoming more and more demanding. In our range, you will find high-quality cleaning and disinfecting products that can meet these demanding requirements today. Our cleaning and disinfecting products can save you the financial costs and time you need to keep your interiors clean.

The high quality of our cleaning and disinfecting products is achieved through a combination of professionalism and an individual approach. Our cleaning and disinfecting agents contain biodegradable active substances that do not pollute the environment. Despite the high concentration of active ingredients in the mixture, they do not damage surfaces and remain kind to the materials being cleaned.

Our cleaning and disinfecting products are especially important for those who prefer a top result in their work. Our satisfied customers include: food processing plants, manufacturing plants, hotels, restaurants, cleaning companies, supermarkets, schools, etc. We offer these customers mainly cleaning and disinfecting products, which are produced under our FORCHEM brand.

Satisfaction and consistency in subscriptions of our long-term customers testify to the high quality of the FORCHEM brand at various workplaces in Slovakia and abroad.

German quality high pressure cleaners

Kränzle high pressure cleaners

Kränzle high-pressure cleaners are first-class. They are distinguished by their above-average production quality and technology and convince the customer with their modern design, high-value materials, extremely long service life and exemplary economy.

Kränzle high-pressure cleaners also set the benchmark in terms of environmental protection. You save water and energy with maximum cleaning effect. The overflow pressure is optimised by the machine, which very effectively reduces the overall water and current consumption and thus saves the environment.

An important reason for the success of Kränzle products is the high level of research and development work carried out by the company. State-of-the-art CAD equipment helps to shorten development cycles, substantially increase product quality and optimise production processes. At the heart of every high-pressure sub-assembly is the high-pressure pump. In order to achieve excellent quality and long service life here too, metallic brass is used for the pump heads as a matter of principle.

High precision and dimensional preservation of the pumps are ensured by perfect fabrication in CNC-controlled production centres with electronic dimensional control. Adherence to the uncompromisingly high quality requirements of Kränzle products is also guaranteed in the final assembly by the use of state-of-the-art assembly equipment. Every product is subjected to extensive functional testing before leaving the production plant.

Do you own a shop, several offices, a production hall or other operation?

If so, floor scrubbers are the ideal way to keep them clean. Their main advantage is that washing, sweeping and vacuuming are done in one working step. This means that the floor is immediately clean as the machine mops the floor dry in one working step. An indisputable plus point is that it also cleans a large area in a short space of time. Therefore, you don't spend a lot of money on additional labour and are able to save on cleaning costs.

Floor washing and sweeping machines

Our company is engaged in the import, sale and service of cleaning and janitorial machines of the renowned manufacturer IPC Gansow.

We are ready to offer you the best customer care. In addition, we always guarantee you an unlimited free consultation. We believe that only through our total focus on you, our customers, will we be able to develop further.

Rest assured that we really appreciate your interest and attention to what we have created here. We will also appreciate our personal contact if you decide to reach out to us. Get in touch with us and make sure we understand you.

Supplemental assortment - Hygiene

We supply the means for a pleasant and hygienically clean working environment and home.

Whether you opt for paper towels in a roll or folded paper towels, we provide our customers with hygienic and gentle hand drying. The wipes and toilet rolls are designed for high traffic areas and help reduce costs.


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